Gem Cleaning provides spring cleaning or deep cleaning services to clean common spaces and places in your home or office. Our deep cleaning tackles what regular cleaning is not able to.

During this cleaning process, our team will make sure that every inch of your house, apartment, or workspace is thoroughly cleaned and spotless. Here are some of the deep cleaning services we do:

Thorough Dusting

We do thorough or detailed dusting to get rid of dust in every room in your home or office. Our professional cleaning maids will remove dust from all the rooms and areas in your house including bedrooms, children’s rooms, common rooms, drawing rooms, bathrooms, living rooms, and all the other parts of your home.

Floor Vacuuming

Our professional cleaners also do well in cleaning floors. They make sure that you will not see any dirt or dust on the floor. Floor vacuuming is done after finishing thorough dusting of floors by our staff. They will thoroughly clean your surfaces to ensure that no stain or spot is left.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning

If your home or apartment floor is made of wood, we can also clean it with caution. Much attention is needed when cleaning wooden floors because wood absorbs water. Our staff is trained to handle hardwood floors without damaging them.

Refrigerator Cleaning

Since refrigerators are used often, they need to be deep cleaned more often. Our maids provide detailed cleaning services for refrigerators while ensuring great caution. They are trained to clean refrigerators from the inside out and this helps to eliminate and odor. They will also wash the vegetable basket ad meat area of your refrigerator.

Washroom Cleaning

The washroom is a vital part of homes, apartments, and offices. Since this room is used often, it needs to be thorough cleaned regularly. Leave it to the professionals at Gem Cleaning to extensively clean your washroom, toilet, floors, sink, and bathtub. Stains and spots from the sink are removed as well. They use health and organic products for an amazing cleaning experience.

Wall Cleaning Services

Cleaning walls helps to get rid of dust and enhance the appearance of the building. Gem Cleaning can wash both residential and commercial walls at affordable prices.