Gem Cleaning provides disinfection and professional cleaning services for residential and commercial spaces in Montreal and other nearby areas.

Human life is very crucial and must be cared for. Maintaining cleanliness in our bodies and the surrounding is one of the best ways to prevent Covid-19. Gem Cleaning has a cleaning service called Disinfect Covid-19.

This special service for houses and offices provides cleaning and disinfecting services to prevent and lower the spread of the virus in the area. Our reliable disinfecting service has been essential for both homes and businesses.

We will be happy to provide you a quote free of charge if you are looking for a cleaning and disinfecting service that focuses on the Covid-19 virus. Please reach out to us to learn more.

We only use cleaning solutions that are recommended by the Canadian Government. Our cleaners not only eliminate bacteria and viruses such as Covid-19 and other viruses in homes but also from commercial establishments, offices, and things that people often use.

According to studies, the Coronavirus can stay on various items for hours or sometimes for several days. Since the commercial space can experience high foot traffic, it is important to ensure that it is regularly cleaned and disinfected. That is why we recommend you avail of our Covid-19 cleaning and disinfecting services.

Disease Prevention Cleaning

Keeping yourself and your surroundings clean is one of the best preventive measures for Covid-19. We can help you with this through our quality cleaning services. It is a struggle to fight the virus, but we want to help our customers through our quality Covid-19 cleaning and disinfecting services. We have a team of professionals that are trained to provide this service.

We highly suggest cleaning and disinfecting your house even though no one has caught the virus in your home. Our services are essential even if you practice all the health protocols.

We thoroughly clean all forms of contaminants from all the surfaces in your home, apartment, or office.

We will also sanitize and disinfect areas that have high traffic. Aside from eliminating the Coronavirus, our Covid-19 cleaning and disinfecting service can eliminate other viruses such as influenza and SARS, and bacteria.