Our carpet cleaning services utilize new methods of shampooing carpets to get rid of grit, stains, dirt, allergens, and sand. To remove deep-seated dirt that can damage the carpet fibers, we use steam cleaning procedures.

If you want to shampoo your carpet yourself, watch the beginners guide below:

Our carpet shampooing method has been proven to clean carpets and upholsteries and get rid of over 90% of bacteria that develop in your rugs, upholsteries, and carpets. You might be wondering if you need this service if you vacuum your carpet daily. This does not guarantee that your carpet is in a good condition. It is recommended to have your carpet professionally deep cleaned every 6 months.

Our Carpet Cleaning Procedure

Gem Cleaning carpet cleaning services are effective. You do not have to wait long because you can get your carpet after a few hours.

1. Pre-Shower

During this stage, the hard and long-accumulated sand or soil is broken apart.

2. Scrub and Shampoo

Special machines are used for this.

3. Rinse and Extract Water

This helps remove stains.

4. Dry

Strong vacuums are used to remove moisture.

Our carpet cleaning services have been ISO-certified. We also have a seal of approval to use chemicals and equipment that can help clean the carpet. The products give protection against harsh chemicals to people and carpets.

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