Since its creation, vaping and Vape equipment became well-known as a healthier alternative to traditional smoking with tobacco, which caused its popularity to increase continuously.

Additionally, with the vaping industry’s continuous rise to popularity, many establishments now allow it on their premises.

However, this raised concerns over how vaping indoors affected the surrounding air’s quality and its subsequent results on people’s health and wellbeing.

Disadvantages of Vaping Indoors

While vapes are considerably better alternatives to traditional cigarettes, they are not without their downsides.

In fact, one drawback of vaping in a closed area is it tends to combine with the dust on walls or windows. When the vapor gets mixed with dust, it can stick to walls or coat the windows, making them foggy.

Another disadvantage is that residues from the vapor can be transferred to other rooms through vents. Because of this, non-smokers can become passively exposed to chemicals. Therefore, to solve these issues, establishments that allow vaping indoors should constantly clean the air.

Air Cleaners for Better Indoor Air Quality

One way establishments can clean the air indoors is by using air cleaners. There are two types that are effective for this task.

Electrostatic Air Cleaners

Electrostatic room air cleaners are the best in eliminating vapor residue in the air. They are more cost-effective, especially in terms of installation and annual maintenance. Additionally, these air cleaners do not need disposable filters, which is what makes others more expensive.

These cleaners are also made of aluminum so that they can last for several years. Moreover, electrostatic room air cleaners consume low energy. In fact, the energy they use is the same as a 200-watt bulb.

Additionally, electrostatic room air cleaners have shown promising results in eliminating vapor in the air.

Media Air Cleaners

Another effective air cleaner is the media air cleaner. This kind of air filter traps pollutants like pollen or dust. This is often installed on a return duct line to prevent unfiltered air from entering a closed space.

Because of this location, it can definitely filter the air the people breathe in. However, it does not really work in eliminating unwanted vapor because the mist from electronic cigarettes saturates the filter. Therefore, people would have to spend more when operating this type of cleaner.

How to Use Air Cleaners Effectively

To effectively use air cleaners, the air indoors has to be turned over 8 to 12 times per hour, so the location of the air cleaner is essential. Therefore, the higher the ceiling is, the better the air cleaner can turn over the air.

Coanda is a type of airflow that cleaners follow to stir up the vapor and eventually reach the air cleaner. In addition, allowing fresh air to enter the space also helps reduce the air’s staleness.


With air cleaners, shop owners and even homeowners can ensure their indoor air quality remains clean and breathable, even after vaping. However, they need to avoid using cleaners that use ozone as this can result in respiratory issues.

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