Air ducts need to be cleaned to ensure optimal performance. Besides, dust or dirt build-up in the air ducts lowers the air quality in your home and affects the wellbeing of your family.

Gem Cleaning offers air duct cleaning services to improve the indoor air quality of your home. Our cleaning experts use strong truck-mounted equipment to clean your air ducts to eliminate allergens, grime, dancer, and debris.

The equipment effectively removes dirt that has accumulated for a long period from the air conduits leaving them clean and perfect. After they finish cleaning them, they remove all the equipment used and make sure that your HVAC unit and air ducts are reinstalled to their original position.

Air Duct Cleaning Services

Throughout the year, your HVAC unit and air ducts provide warm and cool air. The air from your HVAC unit travels through air pipes and provides warmth or coolness in your home via the air vents located in every room.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency or EPA, the particles found in air channels can pose a problem. The molecule contamination has different elements such as acids, metals, soil, molecules, and organic chemicals, which can be eliminated by cleaning the duct. Gem Cleaning can remove these particles that can prevent your HVAC unit from functioning at its best and cause it to slow down.

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